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Our Winter Weather

No doubt, the temperatures have dropped significantly. And we also have a long way to go before we get any real change in the weather. Yes, it is very cold but it is also winter in the northeast. Please know that the district takes many precautions when considering weather related factors by planning school attendance and activities appropriately along with thinking through the following:

  • Busses are kept inside our bus garage overnight (with minimal heat) and warm up quickly before they pick up students. Districts where busses are kept outdoors overnight have trouble starting and/or warming up on the inside by the time students need to be picked up.
  • We have instructed all bus drivers to stop along their routes to ask any walker if they want a ride (no matter how close they are to school) and have also asked the drivers to wait for students at their bus stop so that students do not have to wait outside as we see some students not dressed appropriately given the weather conditions.
  • We track the weather constantly using various sources and look at wind chill factors and the weather by the hour. Most of the time when it is this cold, the temperature will only improve by a few degrees between 7:00am for an 8:00am start to school and 9:00am for a 10:00am start (two hour delay). In some cases the negative wind chill factor may actually increase by 9:00am. The disruptions to the education of our students, to our school schedule, and to our working families with childcare needs for a two hour delay when the temperature only improves a couple of degrees helps to guide us in making the correct call.

Finally, we get asked many times; "Why does Addison have school when other districts are on a two hour delay or closed?" The simple answer is this: Every district is different and the variables are different. For example: more walkers than bus riders; more open areas with higher wind speeds and gusts; somewhat varied weather patterns and temperature disparities between districts; busses parked outside overnight vs. inside; districts near water/lakes; and other various factors/reasons depending on the individual dynamics, expectations, and culture of the district.

Ultimately and in all cases, while taking into account what is going on in our region, we will do what is best for the Addison community at large; making sure to be safe, respectful, and responsible!

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