• Addison Middle School Peer Leader Program  

    A Peer Leader is a positive role model for peers that helps create a safe, respectful, and welcoming school environment.  Peer Leaders help to support all middle school students.

     Peer Leaders will have multiple responsibilities at Addison Middle School, including but not limited to:

    • “Meet and Greet”- help a new student get oriented in the middle school by giving tours, assisting with schedules, classroom locations, lockers and helping students feel welcome.
    • Promote messages of respect and reinforcing middle school expectations.
    • Mentoring students throughout the school year as needed.

     Peer Leader Time Commitment

    Peer Leaders are expected to attend “Lunch with the Leader” each month.  This takes place during the students assigned lunch period and consists of a meeting with the Peer Leader Advisor to discuss upcoming events, questions and concerns.  In addition, Peer Leaders are also expected to help in scheduled activities, such as the following:

    • Summer Team Building and Leadership Orientation
    • 8th Grade Career Day
    • Kindness Week

    Peer Leader Eligibility Requirements

    • Attend all Peer Leader meetings. If you are unable to attend a meeting, you need to see the advisor prior to or after the meeting.
    • Attend the Summer Team Building and Leadership Orientation.
    • Display positive behavior in the school and in the community.
    • Maintain a passing average in all classes.

    *Students are able to apply to become Peer Leaders in the spring of their 6th or 7th grade year for the following school year.


    Peer Leader