• COVID Positive Information throughout the district, 2/21/22-2/18/22:

    0 staff member(s), 1 student(s) at the Valley School, 1 student(s) at the Tuscarora School, 0 student(s) at the Middle School, 0 student(s) at the High School.


    Dear Families: 

    School mask mandate will expire March 2, 2022

    On Friday, Feb. 25, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that they no longer recommend mask requirements for schools in communities with low to medium risk of COVID-19 spread. 

    On Sunday, Feb. 27, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that the statewide mask requirement in schools will be lifted on Wednesday, March 2.  

    In her announcement, Gov. Hochul indicated that the new CDC guidance was a factor in altering the state mandate. Counties, cities, and other entities may still choose to impose mask mandates that could affect schools and/or childcare facilities. The governor also indicated that rising transmission levels had the potential to trigger a return to a statewide mandate. 

    What does this mean for Addison?

    Starting Wednesday, March 2, students, school staff and visitors will no longer be required to wear face coverings or masks in any of our school buildings or on school buses. 

    Mask wearing will be optional. Disposable masks will be available for those who choose to wear them. 

    Respecting individual masking choices for both students and staff is important to our District. Everyone’s preferences will be shown equal respect. Therefore, disrespectful behavior towards others will not be tolerated. We will ask parents/guardians to communicate their preferences to their children. If a student arrives at school wearing or not wearing a mask, we will assume that this decision was made by the family. 

    As always, we continue to work with our local county health officials as COVID health and safety protocols evolve. We will continue to seek clarification regarding testing of symptomatic individuals, quarantine rules, and other COVID-19 prevention strategies. 

    Thank you for your ongoing partnership and commitment to the health and safety of our students and staff.

    1/14/22 COVID Update to Families:

    Families – As you may be aware guidance regarding COVID-19 protocols has been changing quickly over the last week.  We have been working diligently to understand and implement the changes as efficiently as possible, all the while waiting for another change.  Please see the bulleted highlights of the most up to date guidance we have from the NYS Department of Health, issued January 10, 2022 and information provided by Steuben County on January 12, 2022.  Please be aware that, as has been the case throughout the pandemic, the guidance can change on a moment’s notice, and the District will share any changes as soon as we are able.


    Masks & Physical Distancing:

    • Masks remain a requirement at all times while in school buildings.
    • Well-fitting, higher quality masks are recommended for days 6-10 following an isolation/quarantine.  These are available in the main or health office of your child's school and will be provided in these circumstances, so long as the District is supplied with them.
    • Physical Distancing of at least 3 ft between students and 6ft between adults, as well as between adults and students, will be maintained to the greatest extent possible.


    COVID Positives – Isolation:

    • 5 day quarantine for all COVID positives.
      • Day zero is day of test if asymptomatic, first day of symptoms if symptomatic.
      • Students may return on Day 6, if asymptomatic.
      • Students may return when symptoms resolved if symptomatic on Day 5.
    • Positive Tests at school continue to be reported to Steuben County daily by the District; The County then reports these to NYS.
    • Positive at-home test results should be reported to Steuben County Public Health @ https://hipaa.jotform.com/213616404172044.  This link is available on the COVID Information page of our website.


    Close-Contacts – Quarantine:

    • Steuben County and schools districts are no longer contact tracing.

    As a result, schools no longer have authority to issue quarantine orders to those deemed close-contacts.

    • NYS VCC (Virtual Call Canter) is supposed to be conducting contact tracing for laboratory confirmed positive results, as well as results reported from the County regarding school children and issuing isolation/quarantine orders based on information provided by positive individuals; however, thus far it is our understanding that the VCC has been unable to do this.
    • IF the VCC does perform contact tracing OR a parent provides a quarantine order from the Steuben County Public Health website to the District, the following protocols apply:
      • 5 Day quarantine for unvaccinated individuals deemed close contacts;
        • Test to Stay remains an option for students in these circumstances , IF exposure occurred in school (K-12)
        • This quarantine may be extended beyond 5 days, until symptoms are resolved;
      • 5 Day exclusion from extra-curricular activities for ages 12+ who are fully vaccinated & eligible for a booster, but do not have it (quarantine outside of school);
      • Such close-contacts are allowed to attend school & ride bus/work normal day if fully vaccinated (no booster required) & asymptomatic
      • No quarantine for close-contact IF:
        • fully vaccinated, asymptomatic (regardless of booster status or date)
        • COVID positive within 90 days , vaccinated or not
      • If you are informed that you or your family member is a close contact, you may then obtain quarantine orders from Steuben County Public Health Website


    Communication with Families regarding COVID Positive Cases in School:

    • If you have a child in grades pre-K -5, you will be informed in the event of a positive case in your child(ren)’s classroom by phone, email or Schoology.  An at-home test-kit will be available to you from the main/health office of your child's school.
    • If you have a child in grades 6-12, you will be informed by phone, email or Schoology that your child might be a potential close-contact.  An at-home test-kit will be available to you from the main/health office of your child's school.


    If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your child's school principal.  If the principals is unable to answer your questions, you will be put in contact with someone from District Office.


    Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate these ever-changing waters, as well as for your continued support of our students and staff.

    Test to Stay Protocols - On Dec 23rd, 2021 NYS released updated guidance regarding the implementation of Test to Stay (TTS) in NYS public schools.  This guidance states that TTS cannot be implemented in stand-alone pre-kindergarten settings.  Therefore, the District can no longer offer TTS as an option to students, families or staff of Valley Early Childhood School.

    Additionally, The updated guidance limits the implementation of TTS to students and staff who have been identified as a close contact of COVID -19 positive individual due to exposure at school.  Therefore, the District can no longer offer TTS as an option for students and staff identified as close contacts of COVID -positive individuals when such exposure occurs outside of school.

    If you have any questions regarding these changes to the Test to Stay protocols, please contact Jim Peiffer at jpeiffer@addisoncsd.org

    Preventative Measures Statement:

    To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the potential risk of exposure to our students and staff, we ask that you comply with the following:
    Any students, staff, or visitors of the Addison CSD who experience any of the following (of greater intensity or frequency than what you normally experience) since last being on campus, must stay home and contact your physician for treatment and/or testing:
              • Fever (100.00)/chills
              • Cough
              • Nasal Congestion
              • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
              • Muscle pain or body aches
              • Headache
              • Sore throat
              • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
              • Fatigue
              • New loss of taste or smell
              • A positive COVID-19 test within the last 10 days
              • Identified as close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 and are experiencing symptoms


    Families - Regarding information pertaining to positive COVID cases among our staff and students, the District has decided not make calls to all families as the positive cases are very few in number and only impact a handful of families.  We have learned from our experiences last year that many don’t need/want the notification if it has nothing to do with their child(ren). In addition, the District and the County does contact tracing and quarantining, if necessary, for every positive case.   

    Please know that the District is following all currently recommended sanitizing/disinfecting procedures in the event of positive cases and does not need to close school to do so.  Further, data indicates that the virus does not spread via surface contact, further reducing the need to shut down an entire school in the event of small number of positive cases.   

    If you have a specific question or need individual data, our principals certainly can and will help with this.  Our main goal is to keep everyone safe and to stay open.  We strive to ensure both every day!