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    Our Vision:  Accept Challenges, Creatively Solve Problems, Show Strong Work Ethic and Demonstrate Social Responsibility

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      Mrs. Kris Benton - Middle School Principal


    Middle school is a key time in children's academic and social development, and I am dedicated to making the Addison Middle School a great place to learn each and every day.  With our dedicated work and partnership with families, we have created an environment that is valued and respected by parents, community members, staff, and especially students. 

    As a district, Addison Central School continues to have three main points of emphasis, which are:

    1. Creating a safe, engaging, and rigorous learning environment for our students.
    2. Building positive relationships and effective communications with our families.
    3. Promoting and supporting a growth mindset academically and personally for all students. Each child has the potential to grow personally and academically every day.

     The Addison Middle School’s top priority is its students, recognizing that students come with distinctive strengths and individual needs. I value your student’s unique personality and will celebrate as each student learns and grows this year, both academically and socially.  I strive to make the Addison Middle School a community of learners who are supportive and thoughtful of one another because we are stronger when we work together.  My reading over the past few months has been focusing a great deal about giving students leadership roles within the school community.  I believe strongly in this principle and will continue to foster leadership skills within our student body.

    Please know that I make decisions that are in the best interests of the Addison middle level learner, ensuring safety while promoting self-discipline and strong work ethic. The school is an extension of the home, so I take that responsibility seriously.  The middle school joins the parents and community to assist students in developing skills to contribute responsibly in the community, striving to create life-long, productive citizens. Together, we can make great strides in the lives of our students.



    Mrs. Kris Benton

    Middle School Principal

    1 Colwell Street

    Addison, NY 14801

    (607) 359-1114