• Introduction

    Welcome to the Addison High School Counseling/Guidance Department. Mr. Marks is the 9th - 12th grade guidance counselor for our high school students.  He is available to assist you with your academic and personal needs, while providing resources for career and education planning.

    Our services include the following: 

    • Academic Counseling
    • Career Counseling
    • Personal Counseling
    • Course Selection
    • Standardized Test Analysis
    • College and Technical School Information
    • Student - Teacher - Parent Communications
    • Crisis Intervention 



    Contact Information
     Jim Marks

    Professional School Counselor

    Grades 9-12

    (607) 359-2243


    Career Planning

    High School Four Year Plan

    Mr. Marks works with students to develop a Four-Year Plan, a guide for completing high school courses of study based on thorough career exploration, a sequence of study if needed, NYS Regents Graduation Requirements, and NYS Regents Test Requirements.

    Please call Mr. Marks to discuss his or her Four-Year Plan at 607-359-2243.

    Transcript Information

    Students that have graduated in the past 5 years can request a transcript at the Addison High School by calling 607-359-2243. All other individuals must fill out the electronic request by clicking the link below.  Our records clerk will process the request once it is submitted.