• Welcome to the Tuscarora Band Program!

  • Band is open to any student in 4th and 5th grades. In this class, we will continue to develop our musicianship through practice and performance. Class objectives include learning to read and play notes and rhythms, performing in groups, evaluating performances, and listening and responding to music.

    Band students receive weekly small group lessons, practice as a band every other week day, and perform in two concerts. All lessons and practices happen during the school day and concerts are held in the evening. Students are required to participate in all concerts and stay for the duration of the concert.

    Participating in band can help students develop math and reading skills and teaches creative problem-solving, while building concertation and confidence. These disciplines aid physical development, build social skills, and provide a service to our school and community.

    Band students have extra performing opportunities like Parade Band and Select/Jazz Band. These are optional and require extra rehearsals after school.

    Thank you for supporting your community’s music program!

Tuscarora Band Handbook