•  Welcome to Valley Early Childhood School

    Our Vision: "Valuing All Lifelong Learners in their Early Years"
  • Welcome Pre-School Families-

    The staff at the Valley are committed to your children and starting them off on a POSITIVE PATH to learning and growing.  

    Students will be focusing on five domains of early childhood education:

    • Domain 1 – Approaches to Learn
    • Domain 2 – Physical Development and Health
    • Domain 3 – Social and Emotional Development
    • Domain 4 – Communication, Language and Literacy
    • Domain 5 - Cognition and Knowledge of the World

    All children will experience a rich blend of active learning and creative play on a daily basis to help them start their path to Career and College readiness.  EVERY CHILD LEARNING, EVERY DAY

    As part of our Early Childhood Program, we support the School Family Concept.  We believe that building strong relationships with children and families will help instill lifelong social emotional skills.  We strongly believe that all behavior is an opportunity to teach and practice new skills.  We meet all students where they are when they enter our doors and help them to grow and to learn in preparation for their career as Addison Knights. 

    In addition, The Valley School’s number one priority is your child’s safety.  We promote healthy lifestyles, teach safety skills, and maintain a safe campus.  What does this mean?  We teach handwashing, respecting personal boundaries and property (Ex. Not sharing food from your lunch box), sanitizing shared materials regularly, washing of sleep blankets regularly, etc. 

    With a holistic approach to early child development, we watch our youngest students grow and blossom into confident kindergarten students as they exit our program.  They leave us with strong foundational skills to be learners, confidence to be independent individuals, and social emotional strategies to help them take on new challenges.


    The Valley School Family


    Emily Wright

    Building Principal

    (607) 695-2636

    6786 County Rt. 119

    Cameron Mills, NY 14820