• Focusing on the Positive

    Dear School and Community Partners:   


    Let’s face it…the past 18 months have been challenging for everyone, both in our personal lives and in our professional/work lives. Our students (your children) have faced somewhat different but an equal number of challenges. We can and will thrive as a school district, despite the past and potential roadblocks ahead.  How we do that is by staying committed to creating a healthy, safe and academically supportive school environment. What this looks like in any organization can vary, but staying true to our core principles is essential. Straight from our Strategic Plan, our core values are:


    We believe:

    • Students are the primary focus of all our efforts in and out of the classroom.
    • A safe and secure learning environment (social, emotional and physical) is a right and a responsibility of all.
    • Family, community and school partnerships are essential to student success and the development of citizenship.
    • In the commitment to personal growth and lifelong learning through a persistent pursuit of individualized achievement for all students.
    • Effective and respectful communications are critical to student success.


    Because every single person in our school community believes in these values, we can and will absolutely rise above all challenges.  


    As we work toward succeeding in these areas, there are ways to create defining moments for our students to help them along their journey through school. As educators, we must create memorable and meaningful learning experiences. 


    In the book The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, we read that defining moments rise above the everyday ordinary. They provoke memorable enjoyment and highlight the positive. These moments can elevate students and enhance their school experience. We promise to create “a-ha” moments for our students everyday that can provide insight to them. Our staff drive these moments that spark creative thought and higher learning. We also must capture moments of achievement and celebrate milestones along the way. Focusing on the positive builds momentum and confidence through small successes. Instilling prideful moments in our school will increase our opportunities to achieve success for each and every student and for our school district as a whole.


    Facilities Update – Capstone Project


    The Phase III Capital Project has come to fruition and in May 2021 the District released a video to highlight the completed work, resulting in school facilities that are second to none – a grand reason to exhibit pride throughout our community.  Construction and renovation have been on-going during the past 15 years and gratitude is given to the community for their steadfast support of our capital projects. There is however, still work to be done. While the details are not fully flushed out, we will be focusing on the bus garage, which is the last important structure in the District that has gone mostly untouched. We promise to continue creating projects that leverage our solid financial condition. The next steps will be to reconvene the facilities committee in the fall and winter to review schematic drawings and work with our architects and engineers on finalizing the scope of work. The plan is for a referendum in May 2022 on the same ballot with the annual budget proposition.


    In summary, we have learned through our capital projects and research that a quality workplace, pleasant appearance, adequate space, state-of-the-art equipment, along with a well-maintained facility, positively affects our staff and students’ sense of belonging and ultimately improves their capacity to perform at the highest level.


    Take care and let’s make it a great year! 

    Joseph DioGuardi

    Superintendent of Schools