• A Year Unlike Any Other....

    Where Change is the only Constant

    We have been in and will continue to enter uncharted territory as the Spring and Summer of 2020 will be remembered as a time of supreme and unique challenges for everyone: parents → children; teachers → students; parents as teachers; teachers working remotely from home; school employees learning about and developing plans for health screenings, personal protective equipment and social distancing, to name a few.  We have learned and used many terms unknown to us a few short months ago.  The news, directives, executive orders, and protocols are ever changing and evolving, sometimes on a daily basis! 

    As leaders, we understand the critical importance and dynamics of taking a holistic, whole child approach to address the inevitable stresses and stages associated with any dramatic change.  This process must consider the ambiguities and unanticipated issues that arise with rapid change and requires thoughtful and purposeful strategic planning to support our learning community as we confront the potential for current and future crises.

    Having said this, many staff and community members have been meeting, planning, and preparing around seven key areas of District operations for the re-opening of our school buildings in September.  We have taken a comprehensive look at what we currently know, what we need/want to know and the anticipated challenges along the way.  From these meetings came a re-opening framework.  This document will guide our direction as we work toward the goal of re-opening school and bringing all of us back to some sense of normal and routine.  The framework is all encompassing but simple it its design, starting with our ACSD Vision.  Followed by an “oath” for every member of our school community to commit to.  The next two sections represent our guiding principles and operational expectations.  The guiding principles should be viewed as big picture, umbrella like goals for the key areas of school operations.  The expectations are an outgrowth of the guiding principles and provide the direction to meet our goals.  Below is our actual Re-Opening Framework.

    Addison Central School District:  Re-Opening Framework 

    ACSD Vision:  Daily student learning is a top priority for our district. 

    Staff, Students, Families, Community Members: 

    We are a school community.  As a member of our school community, it is my responsibility to ensure the health and safety of myself and others, and it is also my responsibility to fully engage in the learning process by adhering to the following principles and expectations. 

    Guiding Principles 

    1. Ensure health and safety of all students, staff, and visitors.
    2. Support mental health and wellness of students, staff, and families.
    3. Maximize in-person instruction.
    4. Provide equity of instructional access.
    5. Communicate clearly and consistently with students, staff, families, and community members.

    Operational Expectations  

    1. Follow social distancing guidelines.
    2. Use masks/shields as appropriate.
    3. Align student capacity to SED guidelines.
    4. Limit capacity in communal spaces such as entryways, cafeterias, playgrounds, etc. through staggered schedules and sanitize accordingly.
    5. Implement health screenings in alignment with SED guidelines.
    6. Educate all staff and students of new operational procedures.
    7. Reduce the sharing of objects/resources/touch points and sanitize accordingly.
    8. Use all resources wisely and responsibly.

    In summary, it is our overriding priority to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of students, staff and families; all while conforming to federal, state, and local guidelines.  We will accomplish this together while simultaneously providing the highest quality education possible to every single one of our students.

    Take care and let’s make it a great year!

    Joe DioGuardi