• School of Rock

    School of Rock is based on the hilarious movie, which starred Jack Black as the main character, Dewey Finn. Dewey is a lovable slob of a character who just wants to be a rock star. In our opening scene Dewey is dealt a few blows. He gets kicked out of his band, fired from his job, and is going to be kicked out of his apartment if he does not pay some rent.  Dewey lives with his best friend, Neb Schneebly, and Ned's overbearing girlfriend, Patty. One day the principal of Horace Green Prep School calls to offer Ned a job as a long-term sub at $950 a week. Well, it's Dewey who answers and Dewey cannot turn down that kind of cash, so he pretends to be Ned and accepts the job. Hilarity ensues, along with heart-warming moments as Dewey grows to know and love his students. As members of a school district, I'm sure this is a message you will all appreciate. 

    The show is high energy and fun for all ages. It's filled with great, up-beat tunes composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. We are blessed to work with an outstanding cast and crew.  These students have been working tirelessly to bring these wonderful characters to life.  We hope you can make it to this unforgettable show!

    Below is a trailer from the London West End production so you can get a feel for this fun show. (FYI: Dewey uses a mild vulgarity, which has been taken out for our production.)