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    Live Stream Athletic Events

    Wrestling, Swimming, Cheerleading, and Basketball contests at Addison will be following these guidelines for the 21-22 season:


    1) Properly worn approved masks for everyone. They must be 2 layers.  Mesh masks are not acceptable.

    2) Locker room use as normal.

    3) No water will be made available. Players are to bring their own.

    4) No concessions at Addison this season. If it changes, I will let you know.

    5) No spectator limits at this time. Spectators must sit in household pods and socially distance between pods.

    6) No food or drink allowed in the pool, the pool hallway, event center, alumni gym, locker rooms or event center lobby. The lone exception is water for the teams or athletes who have a medical statement regarding snacking when necessary due to their condition.

    7) A changing area will be provided for officials.

    These guidelines are subject to change at any time.

Athletic Director

Athletic Secretary