Message from the Office of Curriculum and Instruction

  • The Addison Central School District Office of Curriculum and Instruction supports the district's mission to "prepare every student to become successful in a global society through superior, innovative, educational opportunities that promote life-long learning." To do so involves developing and focusing on the district's goals and initiatives as we strive for continuous improvement in all areas of teaching and learning.

    Addison Shield

    The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for the instructional program, curriculum development process, professional learning, and assessment of student learning. Our office works closely with principals and staff in the implementation of the instructional program at the building levels along with coordinating professional learning. 

    Our professional learning plan goal is to maximize quality instruction for all of our students by focusing on the impact of instruction on student learning in the classroom.  As an organization, we understand that our students deserve a rigorous curriculum from well-trained, dedicated teachers which motivates the students to be engaged in meaningful learning. 

    Furthermore, we are committed to hiring the very best staff for our students. Once hired, professional learning opportunities are available to newly hired staff to meet the district initiatives as well as improve individual teacher’s skills. We understand that quality teaching in all classrooms necessitates skillful leadership at the district, school, and classroom levels. Leaders at all levels recognize quality professional learning as the key strategy for supporting significant improvements. These leaders are able to articulate the critical link between improved student learning and the professional learning of teachers. They ensure that all stakeholders, including the school board, parent teacher organizations, and the business community, understand the link and develop the knowledge necessary to serve as advocates for high quality professional development for all staff.


    This web page provides baseline information relating to our plan, which focuses on continuous improvement in all areas of teaching and learning.