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    Welcome to the Addison Knights Marching Band program!
    The Addison Knights Marching Band is one of the most visible student organizations on campus. It is recognized not only for its high standards of performance, but also for the quality experience afforded by its members. We believe that the musical, physical, and social growth that takes place in band is a significant part of our students’ overall development.

    Marching band students learn many skills in addition to musical skills such as dedication, hard work, perseverance, responsibility, working as a team, acceptance of others, how to compete in a healthy friendly way, and leadership skills. The Marching Knights will perform at community events, like the Addison Homecoming parade and the Memorial Day parade, one or two local Holiday parades, as well as at marching band competitions where they are judged against other marching bands of similar size.
  • MS/HS School Band Director

    Angela Hamblin

    (607) 359-1136

Middle - High School Band FAQ's

  • Can I play sports and be in band?

    Yes! Contrary to popular assumption, band members are actively involved in most athletics of all levels in Addison MS and HS. The athletic staff and band directors work closely to make this possible. Please be cautious that both band and sports are competitive and new things are continuously being added. The sports game schedule is worked around as much as possible. Band members just need to tell us what sport they are involved in and they will be excused from that rehearsal.

    Do I have to audition for the marching band?
    Middle School band students will need to audition with both the MS band director, Ms. Angela Hamblin and the high school director Mrs. Katrena Vroman. High School band members will need to enroll with the HS director, Mrs. Vroman.

    Is it difficult to learn to march?
    Incoming students are often concerned about marching. It is a learned skill and is unlike anything you have done so far in music. Marching fundamentals are taught and demonstrated regularly. The physical demands of marching band are not unlike any other athletic event. We stretch and condition ourselves daily and practice to perfect our skills. Most students consider marching as one of the highlights of their school music careers. Middle School students will receive a great deal of personal attention from the both the MS and HS band directors, as well as chaperones assisting at rehearsals and parades.

    Will Band and the time commitments affect my grades?
    Above all, you are at Addison Middle and High School to receive an academic education. Good grades are mostly dependent on effective time management skills and good personal discipline. If you are conscientious about your classroom experience and stay organized, grades will be no problem. Many of Addison’s top scholars are in band. Students must be academically eligible to participate in most Addison Marching Band events. If you need assistance with your academics, please let Ms. Hamblin know and she will help you as best she can.

    Does the Addison Marching Band travel?
    Yes, several times yearly, as we participate in several band festivals and/or parades. The band travels to and from these competitions together, however students will be separated into a MS bus and a HS bus. As with any school function, the school Code of Conduct will be followed and enforced.

    How many staff members will be helping out the Marching Band?
    There are usually about 5 or 6 people who help out regularly with the Marching Band season. The High School Band Director, Mrs. Vroman, the Middle School Band Director, Ms. Hamblin, the Colorguard Instructor, Mrs. Knaisch, the Percussion Instructor, Mr. Dufort, as well as parent volunteers and/or chaperones.