• Middle School Ski Club


    In the heart of winter during January and February, as snow blankets the lansdcape, the excitement among students at Addison Middle-High School peaks for one reason: ski club trips to Swain Resort. These outings are more than just opportunities to carve through powdery trails; they're cherished memories in the making.


    Each trip begins with a rendezvous in the school parking lot. As the bus pulls in, eager skiers and snowboarders gather, their equipment in tow. Laughter and chatter fill the air as anticipation builds for the adventure ahead.


    The journey to Swain is as much a part of the experience as the destination itself. With the bus filled with enthusiastic students, the atmosphere is electric. Conversations range from strategies for tackling the black diamond runs to friendly banter about who will master the terrain park first.


    Upon arrival, the group disperses, with some heading straight for the chair lifts while others opt for a quick warm-up in the lodge. Swain Resort offers trails for all skill levels, ensuring there's something for everyone, from beginners find their balance to seasoned veterans seeking new challenges.


    For many students, the highlight of the day is the camaraderie forged on the slopes. Whether racing down runs side by side or sharing stories over a midday hot cocoa break, bonds are strengthened, and memories are made that will last a lifetime. 


    The school ski club weekend trips to Swain Resort are more than just recreational outings; they're opportunities for student to embrace the thrill of the slopes, forge lasting friendships, and create memories that will warm their hearts long after the snow has melted away.


    Join ski club by contacting Mrs. Hand or Mrs. Painter!

    Mrs. Hand - ahand@addisoncsd.org

    Mrs. Painter - jpainter@addisoncsd.org