• Knight

    On this page please find our most up-to-date audit information.


    Our External Audit takes place throughout the summer and finalizes in the Fall, with a report to the Board of Education to follow. An External Audit is an in-depth look at the prior school years operating funds as well as the financial activities and standings. A Corrective Action Plan is developed based on the findings of the auditing team and reported to the Board of Education. 


    Additionally, in the early to mid winter months, the Single Audit and the Extraclass Audit's are conducted. The Single Audit looks at the disrtict's federal funds and the Extraclass Audit looks at extracurricular activities and student sponsored fund raisers. Both audit reports are provided to the Board of Education as well as any Corrective Action Plan's, should there be any. 


    If you have any questions regarding the district's audit, please contract Rich Everly (607-359-2245 or reverly@addisoncsd.org) in the Business Office.